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Minecraft is a World with Infinite Possibilities.

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Minecraft Lake

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Minecraft was invented in 2009 by Notch. It was called Cave Game at the time. Minecraft 1.0.0 was Released in 2011, Mods get used in 1.12.2.

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Game Elements

There are so many recipes available in Minecraft that are meant to help users discover new realms during game play. Depending on the item or element desired, it is necessary for players to brew potions, craft and smelt items, or trade emeralds for valuable items. This is the main way for users to build and discover all that their virtual world has to offer. Read on to learn about different kinds of recipes and more.

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Minecraft Neighborhood


The only way to get ahead in Minecraft is by obtaining resources and materials in order to unlock new realms and possibilities. In addition to crafting, brewing, and smelting, trading is another excellent ways for users to quickly get new items. Just head over to the village and start trading. Make sure to read our guide to understand what each villager has to offer. Please note that trading is not available in the pocket edition of Minecraft. Let us know if you have any questions.

Minecraft Farm

Potions & Brewing

MinecraftHelp has included this section due to its importance during gameplay. Minecraft allows users to create magical potions, which will have a positive or negative effect on the players depending on the ingredients involved. Players may brew either drinkable potions or splash potions. Splash potions are thrown at other players and are concocted by adding gunpowder to any recipe. Read on to learn more and brew your own potions.

Crafting & Smelting

What Will You Create?

Minecraft Lake


Is Minecraft an educational game?

Yes, it is. In fact, it has an Education Edition of the game.

Is there a risk for malware if I download a mod from the internet?

No, it absolutely isn't

Is Minecraft appropriate for children?

Yes, it is an appropriate Game for children.

Does Minecraft have Other Versions?

It has some called ''Editions'' like Java Edition or Pocket Edition.

Mods & Maps

As a virtually infinite game world, the possibilities for creating new gaming variations in Minecraft are endless. This section is dedicated to mods and maps, two different ways for players to modify their gaming experience. Mods, short for modifications, are those that modify the actual source code within the game. Maps are much easier to create, since they don’t require coding, but mods can dramatically alter the way the game runs. We’ve got a great list of our top picks for mods and maps, which you can access by clicking below.

Video Game Landscape

“Farmlands and Grasslands” Map

Crazy Fun

Minecraft Farm

“This Is Not Nether” Map

Alternative Experience

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It's a World with Infinite Possibilities. Over 80,000 Mods you can play.

On the Bedrock Edition/Pocket Edition  they are called Add-Ons. There are way less Add-Ons than Mods.

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